Minor Offshore 36

Brawn and luxury in equal measure from this Finnish flagship. Meet the Tonka toy of the sea.

Maybe it comes from a boyhood spent playing with Tonka toys, but I believe there is something intrinsically appealing about solid well-engineered sturdiness. It taps straight into the male synapse from a very early age and never leaves us. It’s why so many men lust after Lan Rovers and wear Redwing boots despite living in London. We can’t help it.

There’s just something about that tough, unbreakable, uncompromising nature and the surfeit of ability that fires desire, whether we have a genuine need for it or not. The Finns know a thing or two about uncompromising nature, living as they do in beautiful but often very harsh surroundings.

And they like their boats too – Finland has the highest boat-per-adult ratio in the world. So it’s not surprising that if you want an aquatic redwing boot, Finland is the place to look.

The tough, all-aluminium Buster boats are built here and it’s the home of Botnia Targa, suppliers to the Thames River Police. But more recently a new name is merging from this super-cool super-tough all-weather marine world – Minor Offshore.


  • Tonka toy toughness and a luxury finish.


  • Cabins lack natural light.


A perfect blend of a tough exterior and a practical, comfortable interior.


Beam: 38ft 9in
Engines: Twin Volvo Penta D6-370 Sterndrive Diesels

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