In the Great Motorboat Tour: Biscay, John and Fionn cross the notorious bay in a Sealine S34

After circumnavigating the UK in a Sealine S34, our cruising duo John Boyle and Fionn Crow Howieson are off on a new adventure, this time across the notorious bay of Biscay.

Film-maker John Boyle has owned motorboats for the past 20 years, trading his Sealine 28, Grey Eagle, for his current boat, a Sealine S34 called Shark Bay.

John is joined on the Great Motorboat Tour of Biscay by colleague and cameraman Fionn Crow Howieson.

Shark Bay was bought new in 2004. It has twin KAD32 Volvo diesels with 170hp.

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  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. The Great Motorboat Tour Biscay: Teaser video
  3. 3. Biscay: Chenal du Four and beyond
  4. 4. Biscay: Onwards to La Rochelle
  5. 5. Biscay: South to Arcachon
  6. 6. Biscay: Arcachon to Capbreton
  7. 7. Biscay: Capbreton to Getaria
  8. 8. Biscay: Getaria to Bilbao
  9. 9. Biscay: From Bilbao to Santander
  10. 10. Biscay: From Santander to Zumaia
  11. 11. Biscay: From Hondarribia to Saint-Martin-de-Re
  12. 12. Biscay: From Saint-Martin-de-Re to Port Joinville
  13. 13. Biscay: Port Joinville on the Ile d'Yeu
  14. 14. Biscay: Le Palais, Belle Ile
  15. 15. Biscay: Port Tudy, Ile de Groix
  16. 16. Biscay: Ile de Sein to L'Aber W'rach
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