Steeler FF46

VIDEO: Steeler FF46 tears up the rule book

The Steeler FF46 is one of the most unique designs we have come across but how does it work in practice? Watch Jack Haines' video to find out

Like many of the best pieces of design, the Steeler FF46 started life as a drawing on the back of a napkin.

What began as some spitballing on the back of a serviette in Soho, though, developed into one of the most eye-catching, rule breaking designs that we have ever tested.

Steeler well and truly threw the rule book out with this one and delivered two decks of the same proportions, one covered and one totally open to the elements. Everything in between is down to the wishes of the owner; Steeler provides the blank canvas and you brush away.

It’s not just the interior where there is choice, either. There is a version available with larger engines that will do 22 knots and there is even one made from aluminium and fitted with IPS that will top 30 knots!

Is it all a bit of fun and games or does it actually work? Watch the video above and read the full 8-page report in the April issue of MBY to find out.

Steeler NG50

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