VIDEO: Westwood A405 tested in two-day trip on Lough Erne

We spend a weekend on board the Westwood A405 in Westwood's new home on Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

What better way to test the Westwood A405 then in the idyllic cruising grounds of its new home on Lough Erne in Northern Ireland?

In 2013 the Westwood yard was bought by its Irish dealer and the entire enterprise moved to a facility at Enniskillen airport.

The new owners are keen to distance the brand from its somewhat stuffy image of old and A405 hull number one was the boat to prove it.

The interior is a brave mix of highly polished Zebre and Wenge woods mixed with cream carpets, white leather and bright counter tops.

We were invited out to spend some time on this new breed of Westwood and also experience the truly fabulous hidden gem that is Lough Erne.

You can read more about the boat and the Lough in Jack Haines’ feature in the November 2015 issue of MBY.