VIDEO: Anytec 747 Cab goes flying off Poole

This sleek Swedish rocketship gives Nick Burnham the ride of his life. Join us for a thrilling drive in the Anytec 747 Cab

Some boats are like a Swiss-army knife, capable of performing many roles, while others are more like carving knives – focussed and ferocious. In case you haven’t already guessed, the Anytec 747 Cab falls into the latter category.

For this video, we sent Nick Burnham down to Salterns Marina in Poole to find out what this Swedish rocketship can do in rough conditions.

Out on the water, the Anytec 747 Cab achieved a top speed of 47 knots with a 300hp Yamaha outboard bolted to the transom.

Despite this, the noise levels on board are remarkably low, with the fully enclosed cab meaning you can still happily chat away, even at full blast.

Nick also praises the suspension seats on the Anytec, along with the rugged build quality that comes from a welded aluminium hull.

To read our full report on the Anytec 747 Cab pick up the June edition of Motor Boat & Yachting, which is out on Thursday (May 5).