VIDEO: Scorpion RIB in twin Evinrude G2 speed run

A Scorpion RIB has carried out the UK’s first twin outboard test of the new 300hp Evinrude G2 unit, achieving a top speed of 65 knots

When we first reviewed the new Evinrude G2 outboards last year, it was clear that these punchy new units would mean serious business in the RIB world, and now there’s proof.

Lymington RIB manufacturer Scorpion has strapped a pair of 300hp G2s to the back of one of its Serket 98 models and the results are just as dramatic as you’d expect.

As the video above shows, this turbo-charged set-up tore through the water achieving a top speed of 65 knots.

But what is perhaps even more impressive is its acceleration, as the Scorpion RIB was propelled from 0-43 knots in just 7.7 seconds.

A spokesperson for Scorpion RIBs said: “It’s not very often that a brand new engine causes as much of a stir as Evinrude’s G2, and Scorpion were delighted to be the first builder in the UK to test a twin installation.”

Outboard buyers can customise their G2 to match the styling of their speedboat and on this particular occasion, Scorpion went for the grey and black colour scheme.

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