VIDEO: FPB 64 shines in cross-Channel sea trial

Steve Dashew’s latest model, the FPB 64, has cruised from New Zealand to Guernsey, so a cross-Channel sea trial should be no problem

Some boats are designed to be a jack-of-all-trades, while others are designed with a particular purpose firmly in mind.

The FPB 64 certainly falls into the latter camp, with naval architect Steve Dashew wholeheartedly gearing this pilothouse towards swallowing up the miles and crossing vast oceans without breaking stride.

In our latest sea trial video, Dave Marsh hops on board the FPB64 for a brief trip across the British Channel from Lymington to Alderney.

Given that this particular model, Grey Wolf, has recently completed a shakedown run from New Zealand to Guersney, our little jaunt was predictably effortless, despite the 4m+ waves.

Dave goes below decks to explore the great room, the galley, the cabins and the engine bay, and find out what makes this model such a relentless seafarer.

To read our full report on the FPB 64, pick up the December edition of MBY, which is out on 6 November.