Boat Fail: Who will rescue this hapless rescue boat?

Never fear, the rescue boat is here! But where on earth has its outboard engine got to?

When you call for help on the water, it’s reassuring to know that well-equipped experts are on hand to bail you out (hopefully not literally).

So we can only imagine the look on the faces of the poor souls in need when this particular rescue boat eventually arrived to try and save the day.

In this week’s Boat Fail, a dynamic duo take to the water in the USA on their bright orange vessel, looking every inch the professionals in their high-vis lifejackets and hard hats, outboard happily chugging away astern.

It isn’t until they’re well clear of the launch area that an alarming noise is heard, followed by a sudden whirr of the prop cutting through thin air.

As the outboard engine plops into the drink, an understandable outburst of bad language is followed by the cameraman’s stoic response: “Alright, get the paddles!”

It’s hard to imagine that their colleagues will let them forget this one in a hurry.