Wessex Bristol has outlined its plans for Fletcher Boats, which includes a move to the coast and a new 29ft model

British speedboat manufacturer Fletcher Boats is due to relocate to a new premises and launch a new 29ft model under plans revealed by parent company Wessex Bristol.

The firm, which Wessex Bristol bought from SBS Trailers in June last year, has been based in Wolverhampton for more than a decade, but the relocation would see them move closer to the coast.

Speaking to MBY, CEO Ayaiz Ahmed said: “We’re planning to relaunch Fletcher with new designs and new models, produced from a better, more advanced unit.”

And although he admitted that the production of Fletcher Boats has stopped for the time being, Mr Ahmed claimed that this is merely so the company can take stock before expanding.

Other plans include the launch of a new 29ft model, either at the 2016 Southampton Boat Show or the 2017 Dusseldorf Boat Show.

Wessex Bristol also bought out Fairline Boats in September 2015 and Mr Ahmed revealed that he had originally planned to merge the two firms before Fairline passed into administration in December.

Nonetheless, he is pushing ahead with his ambitious plans for Fletcher Boats, which including ramping up production to 100 boats by the end of 2017.

Fletcher buyer emerges

Fletcher buyer emerges

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  • Ken Masters

    I would be exited to see these developments. If fulfilled, Fletcher would be one of the very few UK builders to offer the real, genuine every day members of the boating public powerboats in usable and affordable size ranges…..the main uk builders have neglected this market sector for too long (and so have MBY!!!)- chasing the big profits – but fogetting how to bring new boaters into thier ranges.. Sealine got it right with the S23 – and sparked a revolution in popularity for thier models…shame they too forgot after a few years….
    Come on Fletcher – make us 14′ -29′ boats again and make them handle as only you can!!!! Boating is about freedom and joy for many – not just the few who want a floating contemporary apartment!!