Alan Harper

Custom Yachting Contributor

From the Editor: September 2000

I was talking the other day to an experienced and worldly-wise yachtsman who has just taken delivery of his new custom-built 44-footer...

From the Editor: June 2000

May already. Gordon Bennett. With Easter being so late this year I seemed to put the season on hold until all the chocolate was eaten

From the Editor: May 2000

It's a question we're often asked: which should I buy, an American or a European-built boat?

From the Editor: April 2000

You can tell times are good, because MDL’s marina berth price hikes are being greeted with total indifference by the rest of the marine industry.

In some walks of life the social season involves large hats, strawberries and venues synonymous with glamour and style, like Ascot, Henley and Glyndebourne.

Should you get the boat down to the Mediterranean across the Bay or through the canals?

From the Editor: July

If boats were sensible, like computers or stripy pyjamas, they would all look the same.

From the Editor: June

The die was cast that day, when Don Aronow’s prototype Florida muscle boat set a 66mph average for the 238-mile race, almost twice as fast as the previous best.

Editorial: March

Alan Harper on Champagne, mixed doubles and the boat show.