Cruising Norway: Exploring Stavanger Bay and beyond

In our latest feature, Peter Cumberlidge explains why Stavanger Bay is the perfect starting point for boaters interested in cruising Norway

Rennesøy & Mosterøy

These two sizeable islands form the hub of an archipelago extending north from Stavanger. Between them is a broad strait with magnificent vistas on either side, the finest route in from the sea.

Rennesøy’s quite steep rocky cliffs turn a bit dour when the sun goes in, while cows and sheep graze placidly on Mosterøy’s lush farms.

You’ll often see this mix of craggy granite and soft pasture in the bay, wild remoteness nicely blended with cosiness.

Hogsfjord at Forsand cruising NorwayMosterøy is joined by a causeway to a smaller island where a rambling 13th century monastery commands a restful valley. Monks always had a nose for real estate.

At the east end of the strait you emerge into more open water scattered with smaller islands. Up ahead, the mainland above Tau Harbour climbs to an impressive range of hills, their peaks soaring to real mountains.

To the south-east the majestic Høgsfjord (pictured above) glides inland beneath even loftier heights. Southward you glimpse Stavanger itself, and threading the kaleidoscope of channels are the bustling ferries which link all the islands, villages and towns.

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