Moving your boat by road: Everything you need to know

With road transport becoming more sophisticated, bringing much of the continent within reach, there has never been a better time to relocate your boat and expand your horizons

Down to Galicia

This beautiful region of north-west Spain is a fair distance away for most boats. Getting there by sea involves either a 350-mile open passage across the Bay of Biscay or a lengthy trip hopping around its edges. But Galicia shouldn’t be missed in a cruising career.

With mountains soaring close to the sea, this remote Spanish coastline is dramatically indented by the legendary Rías de Galicia. The three largest rias are shielded by islands and have many secluded anchorages within reach of comfy marinas. You’ll find secret coves and luxurious beaches, lively fishing harbours and smart city waterfronts.


The beaches in Galicia are blissfully quiet

The most northerly ria has the old town of Muros on its north side and friendly Portosin Marina further up, tucked beneath wooded slopes with views across a glorious sound. Ría de Arousa is protected by islands and its sheltered bays are ideal for family cruising.

Ría de Pontevedra has soothing vibes, despite a busy resort at Sanxenxo. Nearby Portonovo has visitors’ buoys, sandy beaches and a marina. The clustered town is a vivid jigsaw of red tiles and whitewash.

Ría de Vigo is the most southerly, barely 20 miles from the Portuguese border. Vigo itself is a substantial city and one of Spain’s busiest ports. Being well south, this area has reliably warm sunny weather and is popular for Spanish summer holidays.


Portonovo’s marina is a great spot to base your boat in Galicia

Opposite Vigo, Cangas is a pleasant marina next to a traditional Galician town, and from here you can shuttle by ferry to visit Vigo’s imposing old quarter. Vigo is also a trucking destination for UK boat transport companies, so Galicia is more accessible than you might imagine.

Moving your boat to Galicia

For deliveries down to Galicia, UK low-loaders usually take a ferry from Portsmouth to Santander or Bilbao, both large ports on the north coast of Spain. The main coast road leads west and then south round to Vigo, where the Marina Davila Sport is easy for unloading.

An alternative drop-off destination is Baiona, a grand harbour bay with a charming historic town and refreshing sea breezes. The Monte Real Club de Yates is the best place to lie in Baiona, with its stylish restaurant and panoramic views.

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