10 Most iconic Fairline motor yachts of all time

Oundle-based Fairline Yachts started building boats in 1967 and in the last 51 years they have created a stunning range of motor yachts. We take a look at the shipyard's most iconic craft

Fairline 19

Fairline 19

The first of Fairline’s extensive range, the Fairline 19 was built in 1967 and 700 were sold in its eight year production run. This pocket cruiser is also famous for being the on-site marshall boat during Donald Campbell‘s ill-fated waterspeed record attempt on Coniston Water.

Fairline Turbo 36

Fairline Turbo 36

The Turbo 36 was a standout boat for Fairline from the moment it was launched  in 1981. Its spacious, aft cabin design and confident seakeeping made it the ideal home away from home and that was reflected in sales. Still a sought after model today.

Fairline Targa 33

Fairline Targa 33 exterior

The first of the Fairline Targa range was manufactured in Oundle between 1984 and 1991 and has become a true Fairline icon.

Fairline Targa 30

Fairline Targa 30 exterior

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The Targa 30 gave customers the opportunity to buy into the Fairline brand for a reasonable price, the equivalent to the A-Class in the Mercedes range. It looked and felt like a scaled down version of the larger Targa models and you don’t see many of its ilk these days.

Fairline Targa 47

Day 13 - Lyme Bay

Built at a period when Fairline seemed unable to do wrong, the 47 is one of the most well-rounded sportscruisers ever built. The Bernard Olesinski hull was an absolute gem and endowed the 47 with fine seakeeping but left enough room to provide a comfortable and beautifully built three-cabin interior.

Fairline Targa 62

Fairline Targa 62

Launched in 2005 the Fairline Targa 62 GT was a superb example of a big Med sportscruiser. One of the last big Targas to prioritise a soft ride and dynamic handling over interior accommodation, it still stands out as an icon of its era.

Fairline Squadron 78

Fairline Squadron 78

One of the Oundle yard’s most successful models, selling a remarkable 115 examples over a 16-year period. The longtime flagship combined sleek styling, excellent seakeeping and top drawer build quality to confirm its status as a true modern classic.

Fairline Squadron 65

Fairline Squadron 65 exterior

One of the finest all rounders to have existed in this super-competitive corner of the market. It was packed with innovation that we take for granted these days, like a proper overhead shower on the bathing platform and glazing in the transom to pour natural light into the usually forgotten crew cabin. On top of that it had an enormous flybridge and a VIP cabin so luxurious it could easily be considered the master over the full-beam ensuite.

Fairline Targa 63 GTO

Fairline Targa 63 GTO

The boat that announced that Fairline was back. After a tumultuous period the 63 GTO was launched at Cannes 2017 with a gorgeous Alberto Mancini exterior and the quality and attention to detail expected of such a respected marque. It may not be the perfect package but as a shining beacon of Fairline’s rebirth it was incredibly important.

Fairline F-Line 33

When he tested it in September 2019, Hugo called the F-Line 33 the most exciting new boat he’s tested in his 15 years at MBY. With Italian styling, a British hull and plenty of tricks up its sleeve, the new entry-level Fairline did not disappoint, as the video above shows.

Fairline F-line 33-footer announced

Designed by Alberto Mancini, the Fairline F-Line 33ft open sportsboat will hit the water in early 2019, according to the


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