Toy of the month: The Cruden boat simulator is your winter boating fix

With winter firmly upon us and boating curtailed, maybe it’s time to banish those winter blues and find another way to go boating. Meet the Cruden boat simulator...

Cruden makes simulators for the automotive and marine industry — car rigs that sit on motion systems able to simulate bumpy roads, bike simulators that allow you to bank realistically around corners and yes, boat simulators!

Cruden’s latest is fitted with seats for helmsman and navigator making ‘the learning experience as close to reality as possible and to train the crew as a team’.

A projector beams the scenery onto a 4.5 metre high screen and the company will structure the system to mirror anything from small RIBs to 100ft patrol boats.

This includes hull mock-ups mounted to a motion system that moves in six degrees-of-freedom. All you need is for someone to douse you with cold water as you tear up £50 notes and you’ll be closer to the real thing.

Prices range from €50,000-€2million.