Toy of the Month: Deepseaker DS1 is proof that even a submarine needs foils

Personal submarines are not a new idea, but one that can travel on hydrofoils above the water certainly is!

Still in its developmental stage, the DeepSeaker DS1 is a lightweight composite craft capable of seating three passengers plus a pilot.

Pressurised to 1ATM and air conditioned, it will be fitted with a system that can extract oxygen directly from seawater, giving a near endless supply of air (provided the batteries hold out – there is a spare oxygen bottle as well).

Two Thor 40kW high torque marine motors will drive hydro jet motors that steer as well as provide thrust. According to the manufacturer, iSpace20, it will be able to dive to depths of up to 50 metres.

Prices start from €950,000, so this is very much one for the superyacht owners of this world.