The ultimate 5hp outboard test

We test seven of the latest four-stroke 5hp outboards. Find out which one we rated as the best in the November issue of Motor Boats Monthly

Honda 5hp outboard – from £1,239

Honda 5hp outboardHonda has only ever made four-stroke outboards, so its models are understandably refined. The 5hp only comes with a remote tank.

It has a square-edged front handle and recessed hand grip in the top of the cowl at the rear. The gear-lever is set low down to the side.

An oil warning light on the front panel displays red for low oil pressure and green for OK. The oil filler under the cowl is set high enough that you can fill it easily.

The cowl itself is held in place by a hook at the front and a large swing lever at the rear, making it secure, safe, and easy to engage. Pegs on the port side indicate which way you should lay it down.

Pro: The Honda 5hp gains extra points for being the quietest and one of the smoothest at speed.

Con: It only comes with a remote tank.

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