Half price superyacht

The new Lamberti 80 is half the cost of its competitors


Ever heard of a Lamberti 80? Neither had we, so today we went to have a chat with the boat’s importer. What we found shocked us. Why? Because this 80ft boat costs less than half that of its competitors. Built in China, and imported into this country by Lamberti Luxury Yachts, an outfit based at Sunbury-upon-Thames, the Lamberti 80 will cost you around £900,000. Yes, that’s £900,000 for an 80ft boat. Dennis Boon, the boat’s importer, told MBM that he plans to bring in at 52-footer and a 46-footer in the near future, which will also cost half that of their competitors. From the photos we’ve seen, the 80 boat looks just like you’d expect an 80-footer to look – all fine furnishings and soft lighting. It will be interesting to get onboard the first one in the UK to have a closer look. Dennis has been to the yard in southern China and reports that it’s a well-run outfit, adding that the boat that was in build when he was there had one special modification… it’s Chinese owner had substituted a mid cabin for a karaoke lounge! There are also plans to have a Lamberti 80 at next year’s SIBS.