The new ‘Transformer’ megayacht concept that expands at anchor

Yacht design house, Pastrovich Studio has released this concept for a 90m superyacht, the 90m X-Kid Stuff, that 'unfolds' when at anchor

Naval architect, and founder of Pastrovich Studio, Stefano Pastrovich has revealed a new 90m megayacht design concept that challenges conventional thinking by including an expandable area to allow for increased space when not underway.

The yacht concept is currently named the 90m X-Kid Stuff motor yacht and is designed for adventurers and what the company terms as ‘sophisticated explorers’. That would certainly tie with the clear twin aims of providing superyacht luxury and possibly one of the most accessible launching facilities on the market.

Underway the motor yacht should offer a sleek outline with high topsides gradually trailing towards a huge sugar scoop transom. The innovative feature of this concept is that the sides of the yacht from the transom forward to almost halfway along the yacht can then fold away to provide a completely open platform from which a variety of craft can be launched.

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Pastrovich Studio say that this will mean the 90m X-Kid Stuff expands her boundaries while at anchor, ensuring space for exploration equipment, from jet skis to 15m RIBs. Ambitiously the concept renderings even show a fully rigged sailing yacht onboard.

The press information also alludes to the option to create ‘meticulously curated furniture layouts’ thanks to the expanding sides.

Like cars, yacht concepts are many and built concepts relatively few. But they do often provide and interesting glance into the direction of travel in the industry and this concept clearly looks to capitalise on the ever-growing adventure portion of the market.

And while this one may never be built, it does come from a reputable design house with a history of involvement on cutting-edge and ambitious projects. Stefano Pastrovich was one part of the wider design teams that came up with the Wallypower 118 – Wally’s first foray into the motor yacht world. That boat stands out as a unique, and innovative superyacht. That yacht was conceived as a production yacht, though reportedly only one was ever built.

It’s also true to say that this is not an entirely new concept, and has been announced 10 years after a similar concept yacht was release by the same design studio, the X-R-Evolution superyacht.

When the X-R-Evolution was announced back in 2014, Pastrovich Studio told MBY that all of the elements of the radical design were based on real-world technologies, so we can assume the same is true of this similar design. Of course to the best of our knowledge, the X-R-Evolution remains just a concept.



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