Day 13 – Normandy cruise

The wind in the harbour picked up today and combined with some swell it meant it was time to fender up and secure lines

As predicted, the winds in St-Valery-en-Caux picked up today, proving that a Channel crossing would have been very uncomfortable.

The weather has been restless today, switching from heavy showers, to overcast and muggy, to sunny spells.

On top of this, during high tide there was a lot of swell in the marina and boats began rolling about so we secured lines and fendered up and then most crews jumped ashore, leaving the seasick-feeling behind.

As I left Blue Fin for my shoreside jaunt, Colleen was sat on the bow of her namesake boat.


I also spotted Robert and Margaret from Kittiwake who were just returning from a bike-ride.


Next up, I bumped into Peter and Lin from Icarus of Poole who told me we have three lookalikes on the cruise. One is Peter himself (pictured below) who bears a resemblance to a certain Hollywood good fella and taxi driver. I won’t embarrass the other two members of the fleet by drawing attention to their supposed doppelgangers, but perhaps you’ve spotted them yourselves…

Icarus Peter

On my travels I also spied Anne from Sorcerer looking in a very relaxed holiday mood.


When I got back to the boat Janice from Slip’s Dream managed to save me from certain catastrophe – my camera lense fell overboard and Janice quickly sprung into action and grabbed hold of my legs as I leaned over to retrieve it. That was a close call Jan.

Janice and her husband Justin had actually just returned from a visit to the nearby town of Veules-les-Roses, which they said was stunning. They caught a local bus there for the princely sum of 1 euro.

The weather in the Channel tomorrow is looking iffy so we will be staying in St Valery-en-Caux for another night and the plan is to make our Channel crossing on Saturday morning, weather permitting.

Due to our delayed departure from France we will no longer be making our scheduled stop in Brighton so Neale has drawn up revised passage plans which have now been distributed to the fleet. That’s boating for you!


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