Australian designer pioneers catamaran suspension system

Could this suspension prototype bring about an end to choppy rides?

An Australian research and development company is claiming a breakthrough with its new catamaran, the Nauti-Craft 2Play.

The 24-footer has two hulls, just like most catamarans, but the reason why the company claims that this model is “the first of its kind” can be found in the nautical suspension system that separates the hulls from the deck.

This hydraulic system is meant to dramatically reduce harsh impacts, injuries and fatigue, and increase comfort and safety levels.

Developed by Kinetic, the suspension system has previously been used by Mitsubishi in the Dakar Rally. Other Kinetic partners in the automotive world include Citroen, Toyota, Nissan, and McLaren.

The Nauti-Craft 2Play will go on display in Southampton at the 2014 Seawork commercial marine and workboat event (10-12 June), but it’s not difficult to see why this technology could be a huge success in the leisure boating industry as well.

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To see footage of the ultra-smooth catamaran in action, click on the video below:


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