Bear Grylls launches new range of RIBs at the Miami Boat Show

Called Bear Grylls RIBs, the range contains four boats running to 36ft

TV survivalist Bear Grylls has launched a range of RIBs at the Miami Boat Show.

Called Bear Grylls RIBs, the boats are all aluminium-hulled and come with solid foam tubes.

There are four boats in the range – the BG 500, BG 650, BG 850 and BG 1100 – with the largest capable of hitting 60-plus knots.

The boats are being built by Madera RIBs, a Dutch company that specialises in RIBs for commercial and military users.

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Grylls has come pedigree when it comes to RIBs, having taken one through the Northwest Passage and across the North Atlantic.

“These adventures and daily runs have taught me a lot about what really matters in a sea-going RIB,” he said.

“And the brief has always been the same: over-engineer, rugged reliability, soft, dry ride, and ease of handling.

“You will always be able to find a cheaper RIB but you won’t find a tougher, drier, softer riding one. That’s our guarantee. Our goal is to be the true 4×4 of the sea.”

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