BMW sinks as slick slipway leads to disaster

Couple watch helplessly as their car is pulled into the water and fully submerged

One couple learned the hard way that a slick slipway can lead to disaster as their car was pulled into the water when trying to haul out their motor boat at West Bay in Dorset on Tuesday.

Witnesses said they pair were about to get in the car when it started to roll backwards towards the water.

They then watched helplessly as the BMW drifted into the water, spun round 180° and sank.

Slipway disasterJames Radcliffe, the local harbourmaster, told the Daily Mail: “The couple were trying to get the speedboat on the car, but it ended up pulling the car down the slipway.

“It was a bit slippery and it went into the water and slowly turned around. The boat was fine.

“Neither was in the car when it happened. I think the lady was trying to get in when it started to slip.

“There was a bit of seaweed there which might have added to the problems.”

Slipway disaster

The car was eventually pulled out of the water by a tractor.

The couple, understood to be from the Bristol area, then put their boat in storage so they could find another car to tow it home.