Boat Fail: Norwegian parkour runner falls in the drink

The best free runners possess a great amount of balance and poise, but they are much more comfortable on dry land, as we find out in this week’s Boat Fail

Parkour or free running is very much an urban phenomenon, which daredevils use to show off their fearlessness and balance by jumping across buildings, rooftops and even cranes.

However, when you throw a boat into the equation it can all go wrong very quickly, as this week’s Boat Fail demonstrates.

Credit to Norwegian parkour star Rob (aka. Celer Freerun) for posting this YouTube outtake, which prouder men would have consigned to the cutting room floor.

After a long day’s shoot at a Kristiansand marina, he stood up on the bow of his boat to film the view on his GoPro Hero 3 action camera.

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But his legendary balance deserted him when things got a bit wobbly, leading to an embarrassing soaking.

As you might expect from a parkour runner, Rob leapt back into the boat with remarkable agility.

To watch the calamitous clip, click on the video below:

And to give the man his dues, here’s a video of him doing what he does best:


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