Boat Fail: The mystery of the grounded yellow speedboat

This week we bring you a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a Boat Fail

Sometimes we stumble across a boat video that leaves the whole office scratching their heads. This week’s Boat Fail is the perfect example of that.

A three-minute clip uploaded to YouTube this week shows a bright yellow speedboat that has run aground on a steep rocky outcrop.

Intruiged by the sighting, the camerman approaches the Donzi-style boat. No crew are visible, the forward cabin hatch is open, and although the bow has taken a battering the hull seems remarkably intact.

This is where the questions start to flood in: how exactly did the boat get there? What has happened to its passengers? Is the boat abandoned? Was it cut adrift by mistake?

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One thing’s for sure, something must have gone quite spectacularly wrong for this boat to end up with such an unusual choice of mooring.

“Is it supposed to be like that? How does a person get a boat up there like that?” a confused onlooker is heard to ask.

To watch the mysterious clip, which contains strong language, click on the video below:–Nsc8hFE


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