Britain’s favourite sounds

Survey results revealed

Britain’s favourite sounds have been revealed in a new poll by hearing aid retailer Amplifon.

Strangely, the noise of twin petrol engines roaring into life is not among the top 10.

But waves breaking on a beach is.

The survey asked more than 1,000 people to name their favourite sounds.

By its reckoning, the top ten favourite sounds in Britain are:

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1) birds singing

2) children laughing

3) heavy rain

4) wind whistling through trees

5) ice cream van jingles  

6) applause at a cricket match

7) waves breaking

8) ‘I love you’

9) Big Ben

10) theme tune from Coronation Street

Amplifon launched the survey to promote their offer of free hearing tests at all their 143 branches.

What are the best marine and boating sounds? Email with your nominations.