Car on aft deck?

Park where you want why don't you

In Motor Boat & Yachting’s December issue we bring you the rare sight of an Edonis supercar housed in its own aft deck garage. See page 14 for the extraordinary photograph and details.

Meanwhile take a look at this, which unsurprisingly stole the show at the Hiswa show in Holland. The German-built boat is called the Nautibus 15 and has an integral garage for a car. The height limitations in the garage mean it has to be a low-slung sports model, although as the manufacturers point out this is unlikely to be a hardship. The car goes down on automated ramps and the cockpit cover folds back to make it into a normal-looking boat again. The car can be driven off on ramps when the boat is moored alongside a quay of the right height.

The boat costs from ?980,000 and is on sale at the Hamburg boat show, which closes on 5 November.