Concept Boat 2003

Concept Boat 2002 reveals short-listed entries for the small craft design competition and a new competition for 2003

The British Marine Federation, in association with RINA, the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, presented the 19 short listed entries for CONCEPT BOAT 2002 at the Southampton Boat Show on 19 September. Concept Boat, a competition for professional or amateur enthusiasts to produce innovative small craft designs, was launched at the Southampton Boat Show in 2001. Hailed as a success in its debut year, the competition received approx. 100 completed entries from multi-national entrants, covering a broad spectrum of small craft designs, with the common theme being ‘transportability’. The judges have until January 2003 to select the top three designs from the 19 short-listed entries, and the three finalists will be announced at the London Boat Show. The winner will receive ‘5000 and the opportunity of have his/her winning design made into a 3D model at the Falmouth Marine School, second prize will be ‘3000 and third prize ‘2000. One of the short listed entries is the Land Rover boat (pictured), designed by late entry Chris Johnson of Croydon. The boat is towed to the water on three wheels, which are then folded and stowed in the superstructure, dispensing with the need for a trailer.

At the presentation, industry minister Alan Johnson MP and the organisers of Concept Boat including chairman Tom Nighy announced the launch of Concept Boat 2003. The second Concept Boat competition is open for entries that represent a new design of recreational craft of up to 24m length intended for a purpose (or purposes) specified by the entrant. Ideas put forward by Concept Boat include, amongst others, a medium to fast economic Blue Water motor cruiser, a land/sea yacht and a design that encourages team activity. All boat enthusiasts, regardless of their background or occupation, are encouraged to enter and Concept Boat expects a bigger response for 2003 than this received this year, despite the distribution of some 400 application forms. Entries, which must adhere to competition guidelines covering boat plans and descriptions, must be received by the end of June 2003. Full details of entry procedure and format are available on the Concept Boat website: Entries by email are accepted.