Earthrace latest

Ill-fated record bid boat almost 3,000 miles behind

The Earthrace boat has stopped in San Diego for repairs, having completed 4,110nm since leaving Barbados but still 2,930 miles behind record pace.

The biodiesel-fuelled craft is aiming to break the record of 75 days set nine years ago by British boat Cable and Wireless Adventurer.

The latest round of repairs look to delay the team three more days.

Skipper Pete Bethune says: “The delays are just incredibly frustrating. We want to get back out on the water and get this record, and the longer these repairs take the harder it will be.”

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The team remains committed to claiming the record by the time they reach Barbados again, and are busy reorganizing fuel stops and logistics support with their revised schedule.

ZF Marine technicians worked through the night in order to replace the gearbox on the trimaran two nights ago. The engine bay of Earthrace is so small it makes repairs very challenging.

Pete says: “A hole was cut in the wall of Earthrace to get the gearbox out.”

The gearbox is now installed, and the team is moving on to replacing the engine mounts and realigning the drive-train, all of which was damaged in the boat’s fatal collision with a fishing skiff.