Fire at Sessa yard

Close escape...moulds saved

A fire that broke out at Sessa Marine’s moulding unit last week has not altered production schedules.

No one was seriously hurt in the fire but three employees suffered smoke inhalation and were treated in hospital.

Fire fighters were called to the firm’s yard in Cividate al Piano at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 27 June. The fire started at the Number 1 unit for moulding, where boats between 25ft and 30ft are

Fire fighters contained the fire in less than three hours and prevented it spreading to other units.

The moulds and equipment have been transferred into different areas to continue operation.

Sessa say: “No major amendments are expected for the production plans and the company has informed the unions that there will be no changes to the company’s growth plans and to the acquisition of new staff.”

Over the next days Sessa Marine plan to preview their new Key Largo 36.