Foot and mouth restrictions for boaters

Don't take meat or dairy products abroad

Chichester Harbour are reminding mariners that certain items of food may not be taken abroad, in light of current foot and mouth disease restrictions.

DEFRA have ruled that it is illegal to take any meat, meat products, milk or milk and dairy products abroad, if it comes from animals susceptible to foot and mouth disease, which include cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and deer

Harbourmaster JQ Davis said: “This ban includes sandwiches, packed lunches and food for self-catering holidays, and includes fresh, chilled, frozen, tinned, preserved and processed products.

“Foot and mouth disease presents no risk to humans but does pose a serious threat to animal health. It can be spread to susceptible animals through a variety of food products. It is therefore important that you do not take food products abroad.

“Please dispose of any such products in the nearest suitable bin or take them home.”

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