Get an instant insurance quote online

Mardon Marine launch new facility

Owners can get a free insurance quote 24 hours a day on Mardon Marine’s revamped website.

The insurer is offering quotes for motorboats and a vast range of other craft and watersports accessories.

At present the online service can offer quotes for production motorboats of up to around £300,000 in value and up to a total of 1200hp. It may be expanded in the future for larger craft.

Owners of craft outside those parameters may have to call in but Mardon say their 25% no-claims bonus and discounts for relevant RYA, BWSF or BCU qualifications make them highly competitive for owners of all kinds of vessels.

It takes a few minutes to fill in the online forms and the quote is given immediately on the website.

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Mardon’s advisers can also be contacted by phone. Tel: 0800 515629.