Gibraltar plans special tribute to mark Queen’s jubilee

Scaled-down version of Thames pageant planned, with 100 boats expected to take part

Gibraltar is planning its own scaled-down version of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on 4 June, when 100 local boats will form a flotilla to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

Departing from Ocean Village, the flotilla will make its way from the western side of the territory’s runway to the eastern, before reversing the journey.

Event organiser Ros Astengo said: “When we learnt that there was going to be a flotilla up the Thames on 3 June to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee we thought – why not do the same in Gibraltar?

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“Apart from the spectacle at sea, with all manner of vessels dressed in streamers and Union Jacks, we’re also encouraging as much onshore support as possible with horn-tooting and flag-waving most welcome.

“The bars and restaurants within Ocean Village will be laying on special meals and cocktails and there’ll be a live band and DJ in the evening. Then, as the sun dips beneath the horizon, the beacon on top of the Rock will be lit up – a magical end to a special day.”

It’s free to take part in the flotilla, and you can register to take part here. You can also keep up to date with developments on the event’s Facebook page.

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