Guernsey authority warns boat owners over health insurance

The Channel Island’s Policy Council has reminded those visiting this summer that they will not be covered by the NHS and will need separate insurance

Motorboat owners cruising the Channel Islands this summer have been advised to take out full travel and health insurance, particularly those planning a visit to Guernsey.

This warning comes after an MBM reader was caught unawares on a recent crossing from Torquay during the Easter holidays.

John Bass needed admitting to hospital following a fall on Guernsey and was shocked to learn than a trip in an ambulance would cost him £150.

Furthermore, patients on the island have to consent to pay for any treatment before an examination can take place.

This anomaly is due to the fact that Guernsey is not part of the UK or the EU, meaning that NHS and E111 cards are invalid.

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Guernsey used to be covered by a reciprocal healthcare agreement, but this expired in 2009 and a new deal has yet to be agreed, despite the Isle of Man and Jersey renewing terms in the past four years.

Jonathan Reeve, external affairs officer at the States of Guernsey, told MBM: “Treatment for certain contagious diseases is provided without charge, but visitors to and from the islands are recommended to take out full travel insurance.”

“Even if there was a healthcare agreement in place, visitors to and from the islands would be advised to get full insurance to cover any repatriation costs.”

Boat owners planning a trip to Guernsey are advised to read the full guidance at:


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