Honda’s new monsters

Honda have unveiled their largest outboards yet, the BF200 and BF225 4-stroke engines.

Honda have unveiled their largest outboards yet, the BF200 and BF225 4-stroke engines.

This brings the Japanese ,manufacturer into the limited 225hp ‘monster’ power size, joining Yamaha which introduced its F225 4-stroke engine offering to the public at the Southampton Boat Show in September. The addition of another 4-stroke outboard in the 225hp class expands a new competitive field in a marine power bracket traditionally dominated by inboard engines. Its power plant is the world’s first V6, 3.5L 4-stroke engine and is based on a converted car engine block.

Honda claims the new engine generates lower fuel consumption, as measured by g/kWh, than the immediate competition. Performance is enhanced, claims Honda, by the proprietary VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and lift Electronic Control) technology. Size and design has been high on Honda’s priorities. The engine is similar in size and weight to the smaller Honda 130hp unit and the tapered-shape allows twin installations on many small boat transoms.

President of Honda Europe Power Equipment, Junichiro Furakawa, said, “This large engine is aimed primarily at the US market. To begin with, we don’t expect unit sales in Europe to be very high, perhaps a few hundred. But this engine is important for Honda. It says we can dominate the 4-stroke engine market at all sizes. We have work to do to sell this engine to our European customers. With our product launches here and next year in a number of power sizes, we intend to increase our market share to account for 20 per cent of the global marine power market (outboards) over 10 years.”

Honda have plans to lauch new BF engines in the 15/20hp, 25/30hp, 40/50hp and 175hp power categories in 2002/2003.