Hunton receives order for ‘karaoke boat’ from Chinese customer

Customer also wants a temperature-controlled humidor installed, Hunton reveals

British performance boatbuilder Hunton has designed what amounts to a 70-knot karaoke bar for a Chinese customer who approached the yard with some unusual requests.

Hunton said the customer has requested an XRS43, only with the below decks turned over completely to entertaining, with a long run of seating replacing the bed and a karaoke machine as the centrepiece (see above).

Also on the unique options list were a wine refrigerator, watch-winder and a temperature-controlled humidor.

Hunton said it was the most “innovative” commission it had received to date, and resulted from the brand’s penetration of foreign markets.

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“We’ve always said that the team at Hunton are up for a challenge, and this commission was certainly that!” said Hunton MD Fiona Pool.

“As well as overcoming the obvious engineering challenges, we’ve set about creating a boat designed to tick every box for this particular customer, which is exactly how we feel successful businesses should be run.”

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