New Honda 60hp outboard

Honda enter 60hp market for the first time

Honda have entered the 60hp outboard market with the new BF60 and BFP60 (Power stroke) four stroke engines.

In a first move in to the 60hp arena, Honda say that the 3-cylinder engine will afford boaters a combination of quiet running, fuel efficiency, powerful acceleration and lightweight construction.

Head of marketing Martin Moll says: “Following the success of the mid-range BF40 and BF50 introduced last year, the addition of a 60hp unit is a natural progression for our range which is sure to continue that success.

“We are constantly striving to provide the best and widest line-up for our customers, which together with our industry-leading six year warranty ensure that Honda is front of mind for a wide variety of leisure and commercial boaters.

“The engine configuration with an electronic fuel injection system, Honda’s unique patented Boosted Low Speed Torque system (in which the ECU selects the optimum ignition timing for the air/fuel ratio) and a high performance gear case, combine to deliver best-in-class hole shot and speed.

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“Best-in-class speed is achieved by weight reduction technology including the compact three-cylinder engine layout developed exclusively for BF60 and improved streamlining with a low hydrodynamic drag gear case.”

For more information on the Honda BF60 and BFP60 go to their website.


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