Sealine announces plan to cut workforce by 16%

Roughly 65 jobs to go at Kidderminster yard

have today announced plans to reduce their 415-strong workforce by roughly 65 people.

The Kidderminster-based company, which was recently bought by US firm Oxford Investment Group, said the move to cut back 16% of the workforce was part of a “reorganisation [of their] operating structure”.

New CEO James Bursey said: “Following a detailed review… we are proposing to streamline the business and as a result we are looking at reducing the number of management, clerical and support staff working at the company’s headquarters in Kidderminster.

“Whilst regrettable, we believe that these changes are essential to enable us to secure the long term future of the business and to return Sealine to a profitable company.”

The changes will apply only to salaried staff and not hourly paid workers at the factory, Sealine said in a statement, adding that they will try and limit the number of compulsory redundancies.

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In the latest issue of MBY, you can read an interview with Bursey, in which he details his plans to create a Sealine ‘group’, with a number of brands, including sailboats, being built out of Kidderminster.

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