Sealine F380: first photos and impressions

Take a look at the first photos of this German-built Sealine

One of the biggest launches at this year’s Dusseldorf Boat Show, on now, is the Sealine F380, the first German-built Sealine model off the production line.

The model was first announced way back at the Southampton Boat Show in 2012, but Sealine put the plans on the backburner while it dealt with a financial situation that eventually saw the company go under in 2013.


Bought by German company Hanse Group, the brand is now back on the front foot and is planning a revival with Bill Dixon on board to design a new range.

Jack Haines was our man on the ground for its launch at the Dusseldorf show and reported that the boat is every inch a Sealine, no matter where it was built.

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“It looks good in the flesh and has a useful range of engine options from D4 260s all the way up to D6 330s and it’s great to have two cabins and two heads on a boat this size,” our boat test editor said.

“You’d never know it wasn’t built in Kidderminster. It also has the market pretty much to itself and does what Sealine has always done and that’s provide a sensible step up in boat size for those looking to go further afield.”

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