See-through car ferry

Danish Arts Foundation transform ferry into piece of art

Artists Randi Jørgensen and Katrine Malinovsky have transformed the 1,600-tonne ferry,

Ærøskøbing, which sails between the Danish Baltic islands of Ærø and Fyn, into a floating work of art.

It car ferry has been painted

in three basic colours – black, white and yellow – with painted portholes, an

anchor and a ladder on one side, while the other side features a 35-metre motif

depicting the interior of the ferry, with palm trees added for no apparent reason. More than 20 different colours and 1,440 litres of paint were used onto the

164ft (50-metre) hull.

The project was

financed by the Danish Arts Foundation, Ærø Kommune, and a number of businesses

as well as private residents of Ærø.