Sidmouth lifeboat dummies clear first hurdle

Threatened mannequins get initial thumbs-up

Two mannequins on Sidmouth seafront who collect around £14,000 for the local independent lifeboat have moved a step closer safety.

A single complaint from a resident of the Devon resort saw the popular pair threatened with removal late last year.

The complaint was made to the district council over the legality of the duo, known locally as Sid and Alma, collecting money on the Esplenade. It was claimed they had no licence.

The council, after consultation, allowed Sid and Alma to remain on the seafront while the matter was resolved.

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Now a council sub-committee has given them an initial thumbs up, but the matter must go before the full council in March for a final decision.

A spokesman for the independent, non-RNLI station says: “Sid and Alma raise about £14,000 a year towards Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat Service’s annual running costs of £50,000.

“Without the donations they collect the lifeboat service would struggle to find much needed funds to continue proving its much need lifeboat service.”