Threadgold thrashes Blind water speed record

Former soldier, Mark Threadgold hits speeds of over 90mph to become the world's fastest blind person on water.

Mark Threadgold, has smashed the world blind water speed record, during Lake Windermere’s annual Festival of Speed.

The former soldier, who lost his sight in an accident 5 years ago, reached speeds of 92mph in his Bladerunner speedboat, Blue Ice. The previous record stood at 73mph.

Threadgold, who was accompanied by a sighted powerboat expert, but had full control of the craft, actually broke the record at the Southampton Boat Show, but there were no official invigilators present as witnesses.

“It sounds daft,” he said, “but I would never have had a go at this if I could see. It just never would have happened.”

The new record holder, who said he felt “smashing” after his success, paid huge tribute to St Dunstan’s, a charity which rehabilitates blind ex-servicemen. He hopes to raise over £25,000 for them through his record breaking experience.