Ventura take on credit crunch

Ventura make financing a boat simple

Ventura have announced that they are going to set up their own finance company to help customers buy boats.

The company will run under the name of Ventura VIP and will not only help customers to finance their boats but aid them with all issues connected to purchasing a boat.

Ventura claim that the new company will also make the whole process more efficient because customers can bypass agents, brokers and finance houses as well as the dreaded form filling.

Ventura say: “As the leading dealer outside Italy for boats from the Ferretti Group, Ventura naturally knows the boats they sell inside out. They often know the buyers too, and they certainly understand the complexities of owners’ finances.

“Ventura VIP takes care of the whole process, from setting up a tax-efficient, cost effective ownership structure, to organising forex, finance and insurance.

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“The Ventura VIP service is available to anyone buying a new or used boat through
Ventura, in the UK, Spain and the Balearics.”

For more information go to the Ventura Europe website.