Video: 175th anniversary for P&O

The entire fleet of cruise liners depart Southampton under Royal inspection

With 175 years of cruises behind them, P&O celebrated this milestone of an anniversary in spectacular fashion. 16,000 passengers and 6000 staff boarded the seven ships in Southampton, as they all started their cruises to various foreign climes with a bang.
MBM was on board Solent Cat, a vessel chartered by P&O for their staff, so we could all observe the action with a glass of champagne in hand.
One by one, the cruise ships untied from Southampton and in convoy made their way through Solent Water and headed west to rearrange in order for the official passing.
To the east lay Patricia, the Trinity House vessel on which the Princess Royal waited on board to watch the ships pass.
The original plan was for the Red Arrows to perform a fly past. However, poor weather conditions mean that the air display team they were cancelled.
All seven ships lined up and passed either side of Patricia, marking the first time in history that the entire P&O cruise fleet all left Southampton together.
Thousands of spectators watched from the shore, whilst charter boats were packed full. Police were kept busy with a number of privately owned boats getting closer to the ships than the authorities felt comfortable with, and at one point, even we were ushered away and told to keep a distance.
The ships, in order of passing, Adonia, Ventura, Arcadia, Aurora, Oriana, Azura, and Oceana.

To see more about the event visit the official P&O cruises website

See the galley here, or watch the video below.


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