Williams customise ‘golden’ tender for superyacht

It might be paint instead of bullion, but this is still a special custom job for jet-tender company

While talk of a £3 billion golden superyacht may have turned out to be untrue, we can happily confirm that this golden tender from Williams is very much the real thing.

The customised Williams 505D was given its golden paintjob to match the superyacht it is soon to become a tender for – a waterjet-powered AB 140.

As well as the custom tubes, the £40,000 tender’s upholstery has been embroidered with the yacht’s name, and comes fitted with an MP3 music system, underwater lights and fresh-water shower.

Mathew Hornsby, co-MD of Williams Performance Tenders, said: “Williams is able to offer a wide variety of custom finishes and accessories which enable yacht owners to specify a tender which exactly matches their requirements.

“As a volume manufacturer of yacht tenders we have the flexibility to offer these services without long lead times and high costs, and owners love to have a functional high-performance yacht tender which will stand out!”

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