Windy’s interiors given makeover by London firm

Fulham-based Eidsgaard Design's first effort will be seen on the 31 Zonda, out this month

Windy Boats have teamed up with a London design studio to create a new range of interiors for their latest generation of craft.

Fulham-based Eidsgaard Design’s first task will be modelling the insides of the new Windy 31 Zonda, the 40 Maestro and 44 Chinook.

The new design concepts “combine clean, natural backgrounds with rich textile accents, walnut floors and finishes and signature stainless steel details”, Windy said.

The first 31 Zonda with an Eidsgaard interior will be available this month, with the 40 Maestro and 44 Chinook out in autumn.

Windy have also confirmed that their 48 Triton, 52 Xanthos and 53 Ballos will get full interior redesigns.

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