The flagship Prestige 750 sparkles in the South of France

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Motor Boat & Yachting drives the Prestige 750


This product is featured in: VIDEO: Prestige 630 review.

Hello, Prestige, and welcome to the big league. This is unchartered
territory for the French giant, territory ominously marked by names like
Azimut, Ferretti, Princess, Sunseeker and recent success story and factory bed
fellow, Monte Carlo Yachts.

What could the yard do with the Prestige 750 to dissuade discerning buyers from the
gluttony of established names mentioned above? Innovate, that’s what. Don’t try
and beat them at their own game, beat them at a game where you have set the

Give buyers something different to admire at boat shows,
something they will discuss in the car on the way home. What is this mystery
ingredient? A palatial, fabulous, light-packed, beautifully-packaged master
cabin on the main deck.

This is the sort of bedroom usually reserved for yachts registered
to somewhere in the Caribbean, not a 75ft production flybridge. Get to a show
and get inside this cabin, it is utterly brilliant.

This also means that your exceedingly lucky guests are now treated
to the midships master cabin below decks, a cabin reserved for owners on most
other craft of this size.

Prestige has sensibly gone with shaft drives and a pair of MAN
1,200hp V8s on the 750. Of course we have seen success stories with pods on
this size of boat
before but there’s just a feeling that the traditional way is
the right way with a boat like this.

Performance is effortless but she is no speed machine, 28 knots was
the top speed on test and that was without full stores or a tender on board.
It’s a good job that she feels so comfortable at 22 knots then, isn’t it.

There will be a full test of the Prestige 750 in the June 2014 issue of Motor
Boat & Yachting
. Prestige, welcome to the big league.

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