With an interior to die for and sparkling performance, the Princess 68 looks to be the whole package

Product Overview

Princess 68


  • Stunning saloon
  • Separate access to the master cabin
  • Classy finish
  • Strong performance


  • Upwind ride felt harsh at times
  • Lack of handholds in the saloon


Princess 68 review



Princess-68-exclusive-sea-trialOur test boat had a thumping great pair of V12 MAN diesels with 1,400hp each side making for performance on par with sportscruisers half the size of this four-cabin bruiser.

The MAN’s really are monstrous power plants, thrusting you back into your seat even when you accelerate from 30 knots.

And who knows how they do it but the handling and steering for a boat of these dimensions and weight is absolutely sublime.

Downsides? It has to be said that in what wasn’t a particularly fierce chop the ride was a bit fidgety (to use a hackneyed motoring journo term) and there were a few too many squeaks emanating from the furniture.

Slightly disappointing but then that is the pay off such vast amounts of space. The 68 is broad, beamy and tall, which is why the interior is so cavernous and room on board is exactly what customers want.

Look out for the full test of the Princess 68 in the New Year.


It's hard not to be impressed by the Princess 68's interior spaces and its performance and handling. Some will argue that it's not exciting enough to look at, though.


Length:69ft 9in (21.25m)
Beam:17ft 8in (5.38m)
Fuel capacity:900 gal (4,100 litres)
Water capacity :183 gal (836 litres)
Draught:5ft 2in (1.58m)
RCD Category:B
Displacement:36.9 tonnes
Test engine:Twin MAN V12 1,400hp
Top speed:35 knots
Cruising speed:28 knots
Price (as tested): £1,391,621 ex VAT
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