New Sealine F46 - a good looking boat with big socialising space

Product Overview


Sealine F46


Out is the all white gel coat and gentle swooping lines of the existing ‘F’ range and in is a hull shape reminiscent of the SC sportscruisers, as well as acres of glass and hard angles – not to mention the brown gel coat and cushions.

The interior has been reworked, not only with new, modern furnishings but with a lounge aft and cooking and eating area forward creating two distinct sections to the internal living space. The lounging area aft also links up nicely with the cockpit making the whole aft section one big socialising space.

The flybridge looks nice and deep but let’s hope there are a few more handholds on the actual boat – check out that funky seat in front of the helm, though.

Prices are yet to be announced but look out for an in depth preview of the new Sealine in a future issue of MBY.


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