Airhead Slice 2 person boat tube review

As the name suggests this towable boat tube is shaped like a slice of cheese, with its tapered design meaning a thinner back end to allow for easier access when clambering onto it from the water.

This beginner-friendly focus continues throughout the design, with comfortable neoprene pads and knuckle guards as well as a relatively stable ride. The Airhead Slice was the first boat tube out of the box in our recent testing day, so my fellow crash test dummies and I were raring to go.

Unfortunately, the Slice failed to meet our expectations in terms of thrills or comfort levels perhaps because as relatively lanky students we found our shins were left hanging off the back and bouncing uncomfortably across the waves.

While the Slice was easy to slide outside the wake at speed, its low centre of gravity and compact disc-like shape proved reluctant to jump over waves or tip off its occupants.

This could be perfect if you’re looking for a stable ride that won’t discourage younger kids or nervous riders from having a go, especially if their smaller frames means the lack of space wouldn’t be an issue for them. However, for more experienced riders it felt a bit tame and predictable.

On the plus side, it comes in at the low end of the price scale and its compact dimensions and low weight means it’s easy to carry, store and inflate onboard your boat.

The Airhead Slice won’t score many points with adrenaline seekers but it is a good option for beginners or children who want to enjoy the ride without fear of high speed spills or big jumps.

If you like the sound of the Slice but want to carry more riders or need more space, there is a larger Airhead Mega Slice, which shares the same design profile but has an enormous diameter of 100″ (compared to 58″ for the Slice) and can carry up to 4 riders.

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  • Kid-friendly
  • Good value
  • Easy to mount from the water


  • Limited room for adults
  • Not the most fun
  • Painful on the legs


However, it does come in at over double the price and for that money we reckon there are towable boat tubes that can deliver a wider range of riding styles and thrills for a similar or smaller outlay.


Capacity: 2 people
Handles: 4
Diameter: 58"
Thrill rating: 2/5
Comfort rating: 2/5
Overall rating: 2/5

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