Jobe Binar 2 person towable boat tube review

Jobe clearly knows how to make a really good sofa-style tube, as the Jobe Binar amply demonstrates...

For us, this delivered the perfect mix of comfort and thrill, fear and fun – all our riders rated this as the most enjoyable boat tube on test.

It has lots of legroom, crucial for preventing overhanging legs from smacking against the water; the back rest is well angled and supportive – much like settling into your sofa at home for a night-time Netflix binge; and the handles and side supports are perfectly placed for lulling riders into a false sense of security!

Don’t be fooled – any sense of a relaxing ride was quickly dispelled the second the Jobe Binar hit the first wake, launching into the air like an F16 being catapulted from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

The crucial difference between this and some of the other boat tubes we tested, is that it proved equally adept at landing with the riders still in situ grinning from ear to ear.

This was largely due to the location of the handles, enabling the riders to stay in their seats, and the innovative angled wings jutting out from the base, which not only help it ride up and over waves when being slung from side to side but also help correct and cushion the landing when it comes down at an awkward angle.

The result is a longer, wilder ride but with minimal discomfort and maximum thrills. There were still plenty of opportunities for wipeouts but it always came after we had had our fair share of adrenaline.

The other thing we loved about the Jobe Binar is its ability to suit riders of every age, size and ability. It can be safe and stable at lower speeds for children or catch big air for the thrill seekers and like the Airhead Big Mable it makes a comfortable floating seat for reading a book and topping up your suntan after a hard day’s towing!

It can even be turned around and ridden chariot style, although as with the other boat tubes, we found this to be less enjoyable than sitting, even though the Jobe Binar was still the best chariot riding option that we tested.

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  • Very comfortable
  • Plenty of thrills
  • Suitable for all riders


  • Relatively bulky
  • Costly (but worth it)


For those who need more space, the Binar also comes in three and four person models, all of which are covered by Jobe’s 3-year warranty, compared to the one year warranty offered by Airhead and O’Brien.


Capacity: 2 people
Handles: 7
Dimensions (inflated): 97" L x 72" W
Thrill rating: 5/5
Comfort rating: 5/5
Overall rating: 5/5

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